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Hi I'm Lily! I'm currently a studying Engineering in DIT. I'm also a keen artist - having studied art for six years I have a wealth of knowledge that i would love to pass onto your children. I also play the violin, flute, guitar and piano so would be able to assist children in their musical endeavors if nessesary. I am also able to help with homework and cleaning the house! I will be able to..

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  • Pet lover
  • Homework tutor
  • Cooking
  • Art and Crafts
  • Music instrument practise

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  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Irish


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  • May 2017 Patrick is a Friend

    Lily and I originally met in school, but our friendship extends far beyond the classroom. I’ve travelled to London, Paris and Japan with her, and have always been struck by her uplifting energy. She is an optimist and at all times sees the best in situations, thereby providing a positive environment that I think would make children feel comfortable and at ease.

    Lily currently lives with her 9 year-old cousin Eden and acts as a second mother to her. Every time I visit and talk to Eden she speaks to me of how nicely Lily treats her. Lily cooks her food, takes her for walks, helps her with her homework… all with a smile on her face. It’s clear to me that caring for others comes naturally to Lily, and that she enjoys the rewarding feel it brings her.

    Lily is a hard worker in school and this transcends into her day-to-day work ethic. She is at all times punctual and efficient, and always completes a task on time and with excellence. Her skills in art and music are notable and I can see many children benefitting from her expertise in these arenas. Lily excels in the sciences and mathematics too, and I believe this would be of great help in assisting children with homework.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Lily to any parent looking for a diligent, punctual worker who will not only treat your child with respect, but also with the kindness and support they require in order to flourish in all aspects of life.


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