Hello, I'm Luciana!

Eu tenho uma vasta experiência no campo da educação. Sou formada em Pedagogia e trabalho há trinta anos ensinando crianças de oito a onze anos, e tenho apoiado / monitorado na Educação de crianças de nove a quinze anos.
Ajudei uma família irlandesa a cuidar de seis filhos. São duas garotas e quatro garotos.
Sou casada há 23 anos e tenho duas filhas crescidas, 22 e 19 anos atrás. Tenho grande..

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  • August 2018 Terezinha is a Friend

    My name is Terezinha and Luciana is my friend a long time ago. I have known Luciana and her family since she was very little (less than 5 years old). We have played, lived and grown up together, because we were neighbors. Our houses were next to each other. Her parents and siblings are connected, and her parents are a model, a reference to me. I fell I am part of her family, and I consider them part of mine too. She is like a sister to me. Since she was a child, Luciana’s (Lu, as I call her) favorite game would be to teach and play as a teacher. So, for me it was not a surprise that she made the choice to work with teaching, and to become a professional in this area. I consider that she really does what makes her happy. I have seen her grow up and become an honest, positive, joyful, confident, engaged, and beloved person. She has professional excellency as well. Regarding this, I can add the testimony of a work colleague’s wife. I have just found out that her daughter, who was 11 years old by that time, and 25 today, already graduated, she studied at the same school where Lu used to teach. I asked my colleague’s wife if she knew Lu. She told me yes, and that her daughter has been Lu’s student. My colleague’s wife and her daughter praise Lu as a professional and as a person. Lu and her husband have raised a united, responsible and happy family together. Their daughters are the result of this love and devotion. I have full confidence in leaving my family or my house under Luciana’s care. She will, for sure, do a great job as she has done to this day.

  • July 2018 Adriana is a Family member

    My name is Adriana, I am Luciana's sister. I recommend her as a nanny because she has been a teacher for many years, is a great mother and loves children. She is a caring, honest and trustworthy person.

  • July 2018 Christine mc stay is a Friend

    To whom It May Concern:

    Ms. Luciana Prates is an exemplary professional in the area of education. It has more than 15 years of experience, always performing its tasks with efficiency, punctuality, responsibility, commitment, love and dedication.
    It presents a sense of organization and discipline, which facilitates its performance.
    Mrs. Luciana Prates showed affection, patience and ability with children and adolescents, including creativity with games, games, hygiene and compliance with schedules and rules.
    In addition, I know her in her personal life: she devoted herself to family, the education of her daughters, guiding them in their ways and enabling them to make choices.

    For being true,
    Rosemeire Batista Ferreira Mendes da Silva - Brazilian-

  • July 2018 Livia is a Friend

    Luciana Prates é uma excelente pessoa, professora aqui no Brasil, trabalha com crianças a muitos anos.
    Honesta,convivemos a muitos anos' é casada tem duas filhas, e extremamente rígida com seus compromissos, super indico!

  • July 2018 Etel is a Friend

    Luciana was my neighbor for 15 years, we used to live in the same building. I witnessed the growth of her two daughters who were always polite and kind with everybody.
    It was noticible the importance Luciana gave to their daughters education since both studied in renowned schools and were encouraged to always read and take part in extra curricula projects.
    Besides that, whenever we had the chance discuss and debate any type of subjects, the whole family had a great deal of arguments and could easily express their opnions as a result of the great education they had.


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