Are you a good babysitter? Do the Babysitting Test!

Are you a good babysitter? Do the Babysitting Test!

By Babysits, 5 min read


Looking after children is not for everyone. Take this short babysitting test to find out if babysitting is the right job for you!

Question 1: You have a babysitting appointment tonight and you’re feeling a low fever. You think you might be getting sick, what do you do?

  • A) Keep the appointment, and say nothing about the fever
  • B) Call the parents, tell them the situation and let them decide
  • C) Cancel the appointment

Question 2. You have arrived at the house where you’ll be babysitting at. You are babysitting a 2 year old who has never been left with a babysitter before. After the parents leave, the child begins to cry. What do you do?

  • A) You comfort him and try to distract him with his toys
  • B) You call the parents and ask them what to do
  • C) You leave him to cry until he tires out, sometimes kids just need to cry it out

Question 3. Before the parents left they say “once the kids are in bed, feel free to watch a movie or use the computer”. What do you do?

  • A) Watch whatever is playing on TV, regardless if it’s The Game of Thrones or The Voice
  • B) Even though you’d love to catch on new episodes from Game of Thrones, you prefer to watch something more child suitable in case one of the kids decides to wander off from bed and pop up in the living room
  • C) You prefer not to watch TV at all and do some chores

Question 4. The 3 little kids you are babysitting tonight are beyond cute. You take selfies with them. What do you do?

  • A) Post them on social media and share their names
  • B) Send them to the parents to let them know you’re alright
  • C) Post them on social media with emoji faces on the kids’ faces

Question 5. It's time for dinner. You are sitting down to eat with the children but one of them is a fussy eater. She keeps her mouth shut and refuses to eat anything. What do you do?

  • A) You don't force her to eat, but you tell her that she won't get dessert if she doesn't finish what's on her plate
  • B) You don't force her to eat, but you tell her that she will get an extra portion of dessert if she finishes what's on her plate
  • C) You ask her to actually taste her food. If she still refuses to eat it, you let her leave the table with the other children

Question 6. You’re looking after a 6-month old baby for the first time. It’s time to feed the baby. How do you heat up the baby bottle?

  • A) Put the milk in the bottle and then put the bottle in a bowl with warm water
  • B) Heat the milk on the stove and then put it in a bottle
  • C) Heat the milk in the microwave and then put it in a bottle

Question 7. The parents are running late and they texted you asking to put the baby to sleep. How do you position the baby?

  • A) On its stomach
  • B) On its side
  • C) On its back

Question 8. The 6 year old you are taking care of disappeared while you were putting his sister to sleep. You find him in the kitchen with dishwasher soap all over his mouth and hands. What do you do?

  • A) Call the parents immediately as they’ll know what to do
  • B) Call the emergency services and then the parents
  • C) Deal with the situation yourself and try to get the kid to vomit out the soap

Question 9. Your friend calls you while you're babysitting and wants to chat. What do you do:

  • A) You chat for a bit, always having an eye on the children
  • B) You prefer not to pick up and call her back afterwards
  • C) You go to a seperate room from the kids to catch up on all the gossip

Question 10. It's the children's bedtime but they don't want to go to sleep yet. What do you do?

  • A) You get angry with the children and shout at them to go to bed immediately
  • B) You promise to read the children a story if they go to bed
  • C) You let the children watch TV in the hopes that they will eventually fall asleep

Question 11. The parents are late and eventually arrive one hour later than the agreed time, without giving you any notice. What do you do?

  • A) You tell them there’s no problem
  • B) You discuss the situation with the parents. It should not be expected that this happens every time
  • C) You threaten to leave the house at the agreed time the next time that this happens, whether the parents are home or not

Answers: If you get at least 8 of the questions right, babysitting is the right job for you!

  • Question 1: B
  • Question 2: A
  • Question 3: B or C
  • Question 4: B
  • Question 5: A or C
  • Question 6: A
  • Question 7: C
  • Question 8: B
  • Question 9: A or B
  • Question 10: B
  • Question 11: B