Day out activities for kids

Day out activities for kids

By Babysits, 2 min read

If you’re babysitting for the whole day, why don’t you ask the parents if you can take their children for a fun outing? There are so many great places that you can go with children that will not only be fun for them, but for you too! Find some ideas for day activities below.

Petting zoo

A visit to the petting zoo is a treat for any child who love animals. Petting zoos are also a fun and safe place to introduce small children to different tame animals like ponies, goats, chickens and rabbits. Children are naturally curious and adventurous, so it will be a delight for them to interact with the animals. Don’t worry, there are often keepers present to mind the animals. This means that you will be able to relax and enjoy the experience too!


Is there a park or playground nearby? Then why not let the children enjoy it? Children often love being outdoors! Playgrounds are a bonus, but children will create their fun in any environment. For example, if there is a duck pond in the park the children could feed the ducks. You could also pack a nice picnic if it’s good weather out and let the children explore the nature. Fill a picnic basket with snacks, and remember to bring a blanket, hats, toys and sunscreen so that you’ll have everything needed for a fun and safe trip to the park!

Mini golf

If you want to do something more sporty with the kids, you should try mini golf. Mini golf is a fun and stimulating activity for children that will bring out their playful sides. With colorful courses and creative obstacles, the children will be kept engaged and challenged. Keep things interested by creating a little mock competition! Be aware that most miniature golf courses are closed during the winter months.


Are you babysitting a child who has an obsession with dinosaurs, space, or knights and princesses? Taking them to a museum can be a fun and educational experience that you can share. Go to a museum that best fits with the interests of the child! If they play with dinosaurs all day, take them to the natural history museum. There are even some museums which are specifically designed for kids, with tons of interactive exhibits. While most big museums are in cities, you should be able to find a fun local museum even in a smaller town.