Stories from the Babysits community

The babysits app was suggested to me by a friend when I was looking for a job in order to save money. It was really nice to be able to see the families looking for childcare in my local area. I contacted and got in touch with several parents and ended up taking babysitting jobs with two of them! Babysits really made the search process simple and I look forward to finding more babysitting work through Babysits in the future!

Megan, Navan

Babysits helped me find a great job with a family living just down the street from me, who I otherwise would not have been connected with! It was a very easy process and helped me find a well-paying position that fit my schedule, and that I really enjoy!

Ella, Sligo

I would definitely recommend Babysits to anyone looking for a last-minute sitter. When I had to attend an unexpected event and leave my children alone for the day, I couldn't find anyone that I knew to help me with the school routine, and quickly became desperate. That's when I found Babysits through a quick online search, and it pretty much saved me! I have been happily using Babysits ever since and have found some fantastic babysitters near me that I can rely on.

Conor, Mullingar

I am really happy that I found this website. After contacting a few families that were seeking a babysitter, I was quickly able to find one family where I still babysit at. The best thing is that it’s only one block away from my home!

Lisa, Cork