Stories from the Babysits community

When I started at university, I was having a hard time finding a flexible job that could fit around my study schedule. That's when one of my peers recommended Babysits to me. Lo and behold, I was able to find babysitting jobs that paid well, and most importantly worked with my busy schedule! It's so easy to use and I've already recommended it to all of my friends.

Leah, Limerick

I would definitely recommend Babysits to anyone looking for a last-minute sitter. When I had to attend an unexpected event and leave my children alone for the day, I couldn't find anyone that I knew to help me with the school routine, and quickly became desperate. That's when I found Babysits through a quick online search, and it pretty much saved me! I have been happily using Babysits ever since and have found some fantastic babysitters near me that I can rely on.

Conor, Mullingar

I am really happy that I found this website. After contacting a few families that were seeking a babysitter, I was quickly able to find one family where I still babysit at. The best thing is that it’s only one block away from my home!

Lisa, Cork

After a few weekends of my babysitter cancelling on me, I quickly had to start looking for other alternatives. That's when I found the parents-for-parents service on Babysits. I have now found three families with children nearby that can look after my child when I'm at work. The great thing is that my child now has a playdate with his new friends every weekend, which of course he loves! Couldn't be happier!

Shane, Cork