School Term Dates and Holidays Ireland 2020/2021

School Term Dates and Holidays Ireland 2020/2021

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What every student and parent wants to know - when do the school holidays start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With our printable calendar you can easily keep track of when the school terms start and end in Ireland for 2020/2021.

In Irish schools the dates for the Christmas, Easter and mid-term breaks are standardised. However, this is not the case for the beginning and end of the school year. Schools have some discretion about when the school year finishes for the summer holidays and when students return to school in the autumn - so you will need to check the exact dates for this with your own school. Generally speaking though, post-primary schools typically end in early June, whilst primary schools typically end in late June. All schools are closed for July and most (or all) of August. Meaning the school year typically starts in the week in which 1st September falls.

All primary schools must be open for a minimum of 183 days, while post-primary schools must be open for at least 167 days. Schools can use any remaining days at their discretion if they wish to close on another (religious) holiday or extend the summer holiday period. However, schools cannot use these days to extend the Easter, Christmas or mid-term breaks.

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The term dates and school holidays in Ireland for 2020/2021 are as follows:

School Term 1:

Typically begins in the week which 1st September falls and ends 23rd October 2020

Mid-term break: 26th October - 30th October 2020 (including October Bank Holiday)

Begins again 2nd November and ends 22nd December 2020

Christmas holiday: 23rd December 2020 - 5th January 2021 (including Christmas, St Stephen’s and New Year’s Day)

School Term 2:

Begins 6th January and ends 12th February (post-primary schools) / 17th February (primary schools) 2021

Mid-term break: 15th February (post-primary schools) / 18th February (primary schools) - 19th February 2021

Note: Primary schools may use 3 discretionary days to extend the mid-term break (15-19th Feb), unless they need these days to make up for lessons lost due to unforeseen school closures. As stated above, post-primary schools typically have holiday from the 15-19th February, however, if they also need to make up for lost lessons (due to unforeseen school closures) then they may shorten this holiday by staying open up to and including the 17th February.

Begins again 22nd February and ends 26th March 2021

Public Holidays include: St. Patrick’s Day (17th March)

Easter holiday: 29th March - 9th April 2021 (including Good Friday and Easter Monday)

Note: If a school needs to make up for lost time due to unforeseen school closures, it may shorten the Easter break by staying open up to and including 31st March 2021.

School Term 3:

Begins 12th April and potentially ends on 4th June (post-primary schools) / 25th June (primary schools) 2021 (Note: please check the end dates with your own school)

Public Holidays include: May Day Bank Holiday (3rd May) and June Bank Holiday (7th June)

IE primary school term and holiday calendar 2020 2021

IE post-primary school term and holiday calendar 2020 2021

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