Current Babysits policy regarding Coronavirus

Current Babysits policy regarding Coronavirus

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October 6, 2020 - Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many parents are struggling with childcare. It is not only parents who work as essential service providers who are in need of a babysitter for their children. Parents who work from home and single parents may also find themselves struggling to find a babysitter. This is why we want to give our community the best support possible.

Taking into account the guidelines from and the HSE, we are trying to give our community the best possible advice. At the moment for parents and babysitters who can no longer physically babysit/hire a babysitter to work due to the corona crisis, we have started two new features, namely remote babysitting and online homework assistance. For any questions you can contact our customer service.

For the latest updates from the Irish Government visit this page:

Ireland is moving from a short-term to a medium-term response approach, and has created A Framework for Restrictive Measures in order to help the population go about their daily lives as much as possible, while also managing the behaviour of the virus. From mignight Wednesday 21st October, all counties in Ireland will be at Level 5 . This level is broadly similar to the lockdown measures in spring.

There are some specific changes with regards to education and childcare:

  • Single parents can pair with one other household to form a support bubble
  • Social visits in homes and gardens are no longer allowed, and there will be a penalty for those who travel more than 5 km from their home (click here to see exceptions)
  • Schools and creches will remain open with protective measures

How to stay safe during the Coronavirus crisis

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