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Hi My name is Vanya and currently I am working as an Activity Coordinator in a Nursing home in Dublin. However, I am looking for a Baby sitting job/Child minding job in Galway city as I would like to move to live there. I have a lots of different experiences and I love doing Arts and craft activities, and outdoor activities. Previously I played volleyball in USA. I do flower arranging, poetry..

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Gender Female
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  • Arts and crafts
  • Reading
  • Homework tutor
  • Pet lover
  • Baking


  • Bachelor's Degree

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  • English
  • Spanish
  • Bulgarian


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4 References

  • March 2019 Desislava is a Colleague

    We were colleagues with Vanya approximately 8 years ago when we worked as executive assistants in the IT sector. Vanya started working at Hewlett-Packard as administrative assistant but very soon she showed willingness to grow and take more responsibilities so her direct manager promoted her to executive assistant where she was managing projects herself.
    Together with the great results at work Vanya managed to find time for giving back initiatives. She was a volunteer at a local NGO (in Sofia, Bulgaria) and their calendar included renovations at schools, kindergartens and playgrounds, cleaning initiatives, afforestation in damaged areas, helping finding shelter for homeless animals (predominantly homeless dogs and cats) and many more.
    Vanya has a very strong character built during her career as a professional volleyball athlete. She finished successfully one of the most famous ultra marathons in Bulgaria called Vitosha 100 (this is a mountain 100km race where you start at midnight and have 20hours to cross the finish line). Another example of Vanya's ability to deal with tough tasks is her participation and successful completion of the longest and most difficult trail in Bulgaria called Kom-Emine. The trail is part of E3, European Long Distance Path and it's similar to Camino de Santiago in Spain. This mountain trail though crosses the whole country from western Bulgaria to the east where it ends on the Black sea. The distance may vary, depends on what routes you have taken but you have to overcome at least 650km and you climb more than 100peaks.
    Both sports challenges require strength and persistence but most importantly mental endurance and stability.

    I definitely recommend Ivanka Davidova for a position with Babysits.

  • March 2019 Marina is a Friend

    I know Vanya well. 20 years back, our paths crossed on the volleyball field and we stayed friends ever since.
    Vanya is extremely careing and fun person to be with. She has excellent experience with children. After all I have left my baby girl to her care and my little one loves Vanya and spending time with her.
    There are so many stories we have had together, but one is coming to mind.
    My husband and I had some work to do out of town. I have asked Vanya if she could help with our baby and babysit her, while we were gone. Unfortunately our car broke down and we had to sleep overnight away, untill it got fixed.
    Vanya stayed with our baby through the night. When we came back home next day, our 5 year old said, that she wants to continue her day with Vanya! I thought our little one will be sad for us, but apparently they had wondetful time with her great babysitter - Vanya!!!
    I recommend Vanya to others, because she will help you with your little ones and she will teach them something you will not :) Something good! Also Vanya is one of the most loyal and responcible friends I have.

  • March 2019 Wendy is a Colleague

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Miss Ivanka (Vanya) Davidova is known to me as a colleague in previous employment in London. I always found her to be honest reliable and professional at all times. She always used her initiative and always put the clients and patients first. I can highly recommend her for the position she is applying for, and without hesitation I am sure she will be an asset to the company.
    Best Wishes
    Ms Wendy Hutchinson. Clinical Coordinator. MA, BSc(Hons), PGdip, RGN,

  • March 2019 Yana is a Friend

    I would like to recommend Ivanka Davidova as a candidate for a position with Babysits.

    I have known her as a teammate, and a friend, and it is in that capacity that I have experienced her great work ethic, dedication, deep compassion, empathy and care for people. Those qualities, coupled with her great intro personal skills, make her a great candidate to work with people and especially young ones.

    Ivanka left the comfort of her home when she was young to follow a volleyball career with the most successful club for preparation of professional athletes in Bulgaria- Levski Volleyball Club (LVBC). This is when I first met her as a teammate. To be away from home, at a young age, is not something many can do, but she was able to compete for a number of years and complete a decorated career with Levski.

    Following her High School graduation, and a successful career with LVBC, she traveled to the United States, where our friendship continued. She completed her bachelor degree at the University of Arkansas Little Rock, a NCAA Division I institution, while enduring the demanding schedule of being a student- athlete. During her tenure as a student- athlete, she was awarded a number of individual accolades for exceptional performance both on the court and in the classroom. Once again, proving how strong her determination and work ethic are.

    It is my conviction in Ivanka's exceptional work ethic and dedication that she will manage to be successful, no matter what. I recommend her for a position with Babysits with great confidence.


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